31 May 2018

How can I build trust within my team?

Trust is vital in a team. Without it, your team has no clear direction towards common goals. Resultantly, a number of problems can occur. E.g. poor sharing of information, lack of knowledge of roles/responsibilities, and lack of co-operation amongst the team. You may employ a skilled and talented team. However, if trust isn’t present,...

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24 May 2018

How can I motivate my employees?

Introduction As a business owner, you may realise that motivating your staff can be a difficult task. This is because motivation cannot be simply conjured from thin air. However, by equipping yourself with the correct tools, this task can become much easier. At this point, you may be wondering what motivation actually is. Motivation...

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17 May 2018

Why is empathy important in the workplace?

Introduction Picture a situation where you have a manager that is disrespectful, uncaring and is only concerned with rules and regulations. In contrast, imagine someone that is supportive, caring and uses own judgement and intuition over procedure. The latter is displaying empathy. This is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. And...

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10 May 2018

How can a business owner create an atmosphere of honesty?

Introduction It is important to create an atmosphere of honesty within workplaces. This is regardless of how large the business is. Dishonest behaviour in the workplace can have severe consequences. Worst of all, relationships within the business can suffer. Customers always expect to deal with an honest company. In order to achieve this, every...

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03 May 2018

Reasons to use a business coach for your recruitment business

What kind of issues are you currently experiencing within your recruitment business? Perhaps you lack a strong sense of where you want your recruitment business to head in the future. Or you simply lack some practical recommendations which can be implemented almost immediately in your business. These can drive improvement straight away. Specifically, you...

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24 April 2018

Ways to improve your leadership skills

What is leadership? Some people can be confused over the term ‘leadership’. Often, it is seen as a term used to refer to individuals that lead a large team. However, there is a better definition of leadership. This is an individual who takes ownership of their own work. Outside of the workplace, leadership exists...

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17 April 2018

How to Hire a Business Coach for your Estate Agency Business

Introduction No matter how long you have been running an estate agency for, there are always challenges along the way. These can occur in the following areas: Business structuring Database building Developing relationships Maximising profits If you are experiencing these issues, have you considered hiring a specialist estate agent coach? A specialist estate agency...

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10 April 2018

How can I Improve my Time Management Skills for my Work and Family Life?

Introduction Time management is the art of managing time effectively. Specifically, it is making sure the correct amount of time is dedicated to the correct activity. Effective time management involves assigning time to tasks based on importance. Tasks should be listed in order of priority. In order to achieve this, tasks should be determined...

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03 April 2018

What Techniques Can I Use to Build a Better Team?

Introduction There are a number of ways to build a better team. Team building is considered an important activity. Markedly, it helps build trust & loyalty. Not only among employees, but with team leaders & their staff. Simultaneously, staff respond better amongst each other. Below, we have outlined several techniques to inform leaders about...

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26 March 2018


Funding for business coaching in the North East Are you keen to develop your business further by hiring the services of a professional business coach? Are you unable to do this due to a lack of funding? You may be in luck, as there are currently two major funding options available in the North...

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22 March 2018

Angelina Bell: Helping achieve client success

Angelina Bell: Helping achieve client success As a business coach, I have had the opportunity to work within a range of sectors and businesses. My experience is wide ranging and I have successfully worked with manufacturers, tradespeople, web developers, recruitment companies and estate agents in the past. Although I am an experienced business coach,...

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19 March 2018

What do business coaches do?

Business coaches are professionally trained individuals who work with business owners to further develop their business. They work alongside the owner to help them achieve long term objectives, develop skills and provide resources to help business owners create a successful business. The coach meets with the owner regularly, assessing how the business operates and...

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