Chris Carroll is the owner of Middlesbrough based MGC Agency, a digital agency specialising in web and mobile app development as well as project management and sales. He was experiencing a number of obstacles within his business such as having to work excessively to achieve a number of different tasks, cash flow difficulties, problems with suppliers and inefficient project management. After contacting business coach Angelina Bell, a plan was quickly put into place to begin to make positive changes.

Since working with Angelina Bell, a number of improvements have been witnessed within MGC Agency. The poor cash flow has been eradicated and the business now enjoys a healthy amount of cash in the bank. This is partly thanks to the implementation of a new policy to request upfront payments from clients before commencing work. Additionally, the implementation of new software and the hiring of a new project manager has allowed the team to foster better relationships both internally and with clients. The quality of work produced by the team has also improved.

We began working with Angelina Bell to create a more sustainable business that could effectively sell our products. Angelina helped us to put key structures and procedures in place, along with appropriate identification of target markets.

The process has been well received so far, resulting in considerable improvements to turnover and also working structure. Angelina has been easy to work with and the sessions have been clear and concise with the focus on an action plan to work to, with clear goals and milestones to achieve.

I’d highly recommend Angelina to other ambitious business owners who are looking for someone to help them achieve their goals more quickly and to have a trusted advisor.

Chris Carroll


Business Coach

Many ambitious Small Businesses owners will reach a stage when growth becomes a hurdle they must overcome, and as a director of a small business I am no different. It was hugely important to me to get an external opinion on our business to be reassured that what we were doing was correct, and that our existing processes were contributing to our growth plans. Sometimes directors/owners of businesses get caught up in the day to day, and having Angelina alongside the business has allowed me to focus on running the business as opposed to being run by the business.

Whilst running our business, I have always made decisions based on my own personal experience and gut feel which has served us very well to date. But for growth, I always knew that we would need to seek external advice to make sure that growth was organic and ethical. Working with Angelina for the last few months has been a real learning curve, and what set her aside from other business coaches was that she really took the time to understand our business before committing to work with us. This gave us reassurance that she was confident that she could help.

Angelina has really ignited our company and we are already seeing the positive impact of having her external advice. I would recommend her to all business owners, successful or not, there is ALWAYS room for improvement and Angelina will help you to do this.

I am incredibly excited about what the future holds for Property Webmasters, and our clients should be too!’

Jamie Arthur


I was very skeptical about coaching whether it be business coaching or life coaching until I had the opportunity to work with Angelina.

Working with Angelina for the last 6 months has completely changed my perception of having a coach by experiencing the positives from our sessions and the benefits of an external pair of eyes. We have defined our core values and have a more cohesive vision for the company. Clear role definitions have been established with a better focus on how the business needs to grow. We have also made some staff changes which has resulted in a streamlined team that have a stronger sales focus.

I would recommend any business owner to have a chat with Angelina to see how she might be able to help you with your business.

Chris Reid

Director KCR Solutions

Angelina was brought in to help the Hunters team achieve their goals. We worked hard to develop a 1-page strategic plan which has brought the whole team into alignment with a strong understanding of how their individual roles play such an important part of the overall company objectives. Angelina led some brainstorming sessions with the whole team and the result was 6 fantastic Unique selling points and a guarantee which sets us apart from all of the other Estate Agents in our area. A sales script has been developed and the team are coming to grips with the new USP’s. The process has helped the team to bond and re-ignited passion into their everyday work. Things are looking up and the business is now 17% up on the 6 monthly target! wow that’s movement from 13% behind target to 17% up in 6 weeks.

I would recommend any business looking for an external set of eyes to input new ideas into your business to contact Angelina.

Thank you for your help and expert eye over the last couple of months. I do believe it has been beneficial in bringing the team together and establishing an aim/goal for the business. The USPs will take time, but I am pleased we have them to refer to. I will definitely be in touch should we need your help in the future.
Thanks again


Hunters Tesside

Angelina has made a demonstrable positive impact upon my business, in a short time!

I met with Angelina to agree a tailored package of business development support, of which she was flexible and worked around my business needs. We then worked together to bring out some quantifiable USPs, that have since been turned into very clear service guarantees for landlord customers. She also gave advice and help on producing sales scripts for staff.

Angelina helped get all of the knowledge and practice from inside my head onto paper, which we could then articulate easily to customers. This in turn helps us gain more sales to grow our business.I would highly recommend Angelina to busy business owners!

Carla Keegans

DirectorThe Ethical Lettings Agency

We partnered with Angelina to conduct a review of our business processes and to work towards a strategy for 2017.

During that time, I met on a regular basis and Angelina kept a strong focus towards our goals. Management training was also carried out for my managers focusing on time management, improving productivity and creating a strategic plan for each individual.

We have implemented the plans into our 2017 business plan and with increased focus our staff have improved their productivity. Goals are being focused on and achieved and during our working relationship we created and implemented a Company Protocol to ensure delivery of outstanding customer service.

I would not hesitate to recommend Angelina to any business requiring a guiding hand. Her input has helped the management team focus on achieving something special in 2017.

John Newhouse

Managing Director

Hi Angelina,

Thank you for your email and the offer of support for the attendees of yesterday’s Masterclass. Everyone that I have chatted with has spoken highly of your presentation. If any of the businesses that I come across would benefit from engaging with you on a formal basis I will not hesitate to recommend you.

Kind regards,

Mark Johnston

Reflections on 1 – 1 coaching sessions

It has been great to receive an outside view on my business as it is easy to get wrapped up in it. Angelina is great at what she does and has positively influenced some decisions that could have been made short-sighted. She has helped me to see the value of myself and the fact I need nobody else to confirm that value but me.

Steven Clements

Architectural Managing Director Clements Design Visual Ltd

Struggling to grow the business by myself, I was looking for direction and someone to bounce ideas off and advise. Angelina is a genuine person who wants to help you and your business succeed.

Very committed to helping her customers, practical worksheets and books are provided to back up everything that she says. Angelina has helped build my confidence and I am more organised. I always have a structured lists of planned things to do each day and I am more focused on what is required to bring in additional sales.

Angelina will support you to grow your business and increase your profits by working with you in a helpful, patient and constructive way. She has a lot of useful and helpful information that will help you improve your business and I’m currently recruiting an additional staff member.


Reflections on 1-1 coaching sessions

The sessions have been enjoyable and certainly beneficial. Adequate time has been provided throughout and advice has helped generate a clearer focus on my businesses, something I have been lacking.

Resources and advice provided have aided Strategic Planning, Time Management as well as Financial Analysis, these have proven very useful in assisting my search for clarity and I’m certain they’ll again prove useful for future needs.

Overall, the sessions have helped me drill down on best opportunities, as I was juggling several at the start. I feel this new focus has set me on my way to putting in place a strong platform for the business to grow.

Dave Roberts

Managing DirectorX-Cel Broadcast

I have been working with Angelina as my business coach for the last 18 months and the improvements that have been made in my business are huge. Profitability is up 25% and I have learned how to focus on my business rather than been stuck on the hamster wheel and been a busy fool. 18 months ago the business was running me and I was working a ridiculous number of hours leaving very little time to do the important things in life. I was doing all the measuring and fitting of the blinds, doing a lot of admin and also helping out with manufacturing. It was almost impossible for me to have time off work or to think about growing the business in a structured way.

The last 18 months has taught me how to delegate more effectively and how to recruit the right people into the business who share the same values as I do. The team has grown from two full time and one part time to five full time staff members of staff and I have reduced my working hours per week by at least 15 hours per week allowing me to spend more time with my family.

Angelina is always available for support and our meetings are very focused on what we need to do next to move the business forward.

I have just acquired a new business as part of my expansion plans and plan to retain the original staff and employ two more people imminently. Angelina has helped me to grow out of the role of a “technician” and into the role of a managing director. I feel excited about the future growth of the business and whilst there is still more work to do I’m much more confident and happy than I was 18 months ago.

Chris Bulmer

Director - Blinds 2000 Chris Bulmer Limited

Hi AngelinaI would like to say thank you for your help so far. Working with you has certainly helped me to focus on the top priorities in my business.

I was stumbling from one crisis to another and you have helped me to identify where I need to change and also what skills I need to develop to help me grow my business. The weekly coaching sessions have given me food for thought! You have given me support more than anything and made me believe in myself. You have been very encouraging and made me realise that nothing is impossible. When things do go wrong, I can remain focused and have learned to think in a different direction with a more positive mind-set.

Thank you for your help so far Angelina and I look forward to our forthcoming sessions.


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