How can I Improve my Time Management Skills for my Work and Family Life?

10 April 2018


Time management is the art of managing time effectively. Specifically, it is making sure the correct amount of time is dedicated to the correct activity. Effective time management involves assigning time to tasks based on importance. Tasks should be listed in order of priority. In order to achieve this, tasks should be determined by importance. You should also work out how much time is required. Whilst time management is useful in business, it is also useful in our personal lives. E.g. balancing work & family life. In this post, we aim to deliver some practical tips. These can be used to help you improve your time management.

How can I improve my own time management?

  • Planning in advance: Create a task plan by noting each task in order of importance. Also note time required for each activity. Ensure that you focus on each task independently. Do not move onto the next task before completing the current one. Additionally, make sure tasks are completed on time.
  • Setting goals & objectives: Set realistic but achievable targets.
  • Setting deadlines: Set deadlines for yourself & work hard to meet them. In order to successfully meet deadlines, work out the number of days required to complete the task. If it helps, use a planner to allocate time.
  • Delegating responsibilities: Do not try and do everything on your own. Instead, ask your employees to complete tasks appropriate to their skills & experience. Some colleagues may not be very knowledgeable on how to complete a particular task. In such cases, allow these colleagues more time to complete.
  • Prioritising tasks: Prioritise tasks based on importance and urgency. More urgent tasks can be placed at the front of the list. It is important to factor in sufficient time to complete these tasks.
  • Spending the right time on the right activity: Before completing your tasks, consider how long it will take to complete each task. Try not to spend too long on tasks that should be completed quickly.


In this post, we have discussed several techniques that can be used to improve your time management. These include:

  • Good planning
  • Goal and objective setting
  • Deadline setting
  • Responsibility delegation
  • Prioritising activities by importance
  • Spending the correct amount of time

The concept of time management is essential in business. However, it is effective in managing our personal lives too.

Angelina Bell is an expert in time management. She effectively manages her personal and business life every day. Do you require help with time management within your business? Contact me today to find out more.

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