What Techniques Can I Use to Build a Better Team?

03 April 2018


There are a number of ways to build a better team. Team building is considered an important activity. Markedly, it helps build trust & loyalty. Not only among employees, but with team leaders & their staff. Simultaneously, staff respond better amongst each other. Below, we have outlined several techniques to inform leaders about building a better team.

Ways to Build a Better Team

  • All employees ideas are valuable: All ideas suggested by employees should be treated with equal importance
  • Encourage openness: A good example should be set with all team members. Furthermore, team leaders should be sensitive to staff moods & feelings
  • A harmonising approach is beneficial: Work towards the teams goals by effectively solving minor disputes & successfully mediating between staff
  • Communicate clearly with employees: Clear communication with your employees is essential
  • Encourage trust & cooperation between staff: Encouraging your team to work together more helps to improve other areas. Specifically, these include communication, trust, cooperation & respect
  • Encourage sharing of information between employees: Acknowledge each suggestion made by your staff. Understand how teams work together, effectively moving towards the next goal
  • Allow your team to problem solve: Encourage your team to work together to solve problems
  • Promote communication between staff: Emphasise the importance of communication in teamwork. Set a good example to your staff by being open to suggestions. Additionally, ask questions & offer help. Undeniably, you should avoid confusion in your own communication
  • Lay down values & goals: Continually evaluate staff performance & ensure they are working towards their goals. Moreover, empower them to celebrate their own success & work towards future challenges
  • Create goals you’d like employees to work towards: Inform employees about what your standards of success are. Provide clear time frames to work towards. Unquestionably, ensure that your employees understand their responsibilities
  • Set rules for your team: By setting rules for your team, you are encouraging better efficiency & success. Similarly, it is good to set some general rules. Throughout the process, teams & individuals should be consulted
  • Encourage listening & brainstorming to create debate: Encourage debate along your employees to inspire creativity. Nevertheless, better results are created when debate is encouraged. In conclusion, employees aren’t afraid to air opinions


In this post, we have looked at the various techniques that can be used by leaders to help build better teams. Correspondingly, there are a number of benefits to using these techniques. These include:

  • Building trust & loyalty
  • Better communication between staff
  • Creating a culture of openness

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