26 March 2018

Funding for business coaching in the North East

Are you keen to develop your business further by hiring the services of a professional business coach? Are you unable to do this due to a lack of funding? You may be in luck, as there are currently two major funding options available in the North East. These are the Tees Valley Small Grant Scheme and the North East Business Support Fund.

Tees Valley Small Grant Scheme

Aimed at the manufacturing and service sector, this scheme provides business owners with access to a range of growth options such as business growth planning, marketing, growth strategy, product development and help in accessing new markets to unlock growth potential. The grant scheme is able to offer 33% funding for a range of projects. In addition to funding, the grant can also assist with capital costs, energy efficiency, innovation and broadband costs.

North East Business Support Fund

The North East Business Support Fund provides funding and business support for a range of North East businesses. Their aim is to provide growth and development for businesses by providing up to 40% funding for business projects in the value between £2500 and £8000. The North East Business Support Fund provides support to businesses in the County Durham, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear regions.

There are currently two grants available in County Durham: The NEBSF project grant and the NEBSF masterclass. The NEBSF project grant is the main grant available and provides up to 40% funding for business improvement projects between the value of £2,500 and £8,000. Funding can be used for a range of support, including help with web design, marketing, finance and HR planning. In addition to this grant, the NEBSF also provides a masterclass which is a two day class helping businesses with social media, marketing and business growth options.

Similar options exist for Tyne & Wear & Northumberland. For the main project grant however, only 35% funding is available which covers projects in the region of £3000 to £8000 and this can be used to cover costs relating to any type of support. The NEBSF masterclass is also available in the Tyne & Wear and Northumberland regions.

What can Angelina Bell offer me in combination with this funding?

Angelina Bell can provide coaching to a range of businesses, to help them with their growth ambitions. Angelina bell can work with a range of businesses, for example:

  • Start-ups with little coaching experience or experienced entrepreneurs
  • New business or well-established ones
  • Small or large teams
  • New businesses that wish to develop key areas of the business or well-established ones that need help with expanding operations, new product launches, transitioning leadership or franchising

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