Angelina Bell: Helping achieve client success

22 March 2018

Angelina Bell: Helping achieve client success

As a business coach, I have had the opportunity to work within a range of sectors and businesses. My experience is wide ranging and I have successfully worked with manufacturers, tradespeople, web developers, recruitment companies and estate agents in the past. Although I am an experienced business coach, I have completed a range of projects. I have implemented sales and marketing strategies for various businesses, in addition to helping build a bespoke sales management system. I am specifically proud of developing new business units for a major plc with a £700 million turnover. Contrastingly, my experience is as diverse as implementing team building activities within the travel, property, sales, management and energy efficiency sectors.

Below, I have further highlighted some businesses that I have recently worked with, demonstrating the problems they were facing and the way my techniques and experienced has helped them achieve positive outcomes.


SAFESOL are leading provides of water disinfectants and water system de-scalers.

The problem: SAFESOL were struggling to grow their business and they felt that the business lacked direction.

The solution: SAFESOL decided to utilise the services of an experienced advisor: Angelina Bell. By working with SAFESOL in a helpful, patient and constructive way, Angelina provided SAFESOL with a range of useful and helpful information to help build the business.

The Outcome: SAFESOL developed a more organised, structured way of working. By increasing business owner confidence, SAFESOL managed to build additional sales and even built a requirement for an additional staff member.

X-Cel Broadcast

X-Cel Broadcast are a broadcasting, digital media and sports media training consultancy.

The Problem: X-Cel Broadcast felt that they lacked focus, despite having opportunities for growth.

The Solution: Angelina Bell worked with X-Cel Broadcast to discover best opportunities and provide a clearer focus for the business.

The Outcome: As a result of working with Angelina Bell, X-Cel Broadcast experienced improvements to strategic planning, time management, finances and had a better platform for future growth.

Charles Derby Estates

Charles Derby Estates are a chain of independently owned and managed estate agents.

The Problem: Charles Derby Estates were experiencing a period of crisis and required the services of an experienced consultant for help and support.

The Solution: Charles Derby Estates worked alongside Angelina Bell in a number of coaching sessions in order to work out where change was required and what skills were needed to further develop.

The Outcome: By focussing on business priorities, working with Angelina Bell allowed the business owner to believe in herself more by encouraging a positive and encouraging mindset. The business owner felt that she was more able to focus on tasks, and adopt a ‘nothing is impossible’ approach.

The Ethical Lettings Agency

The Ethical Lettings Agency are a lettings agency boasting expertise and fair fees.

The Solution: Angelina Bell was able to offer a number of advantages to The Ethical Lettings Agency. Angelina developed a completely bespoke and flexible package aimed towards the businesses exact needs. She developed USPs for existing service guarantees for landlords and created sales scripts for staff.

The Outcome: Angelina Bell created a positive impact on the business in a short time. Furthermore, as a result of working with Angelina, the business experienced more sales.

TEDCO Business Support

TEDCO Business Support are business support experts, helping enterprising individuals start and grow companies.

Solution: Angelina Bell completed a masterclass and presentation for staff at TEDCO Business Support.

Outcome: The effective presentation delivered by Angelina Bell indirectly lead to potential formal work. Staff at TEDCO were so impressed by the service provided by Angelina Bell that they promised to recommend her to other business requiring similar support in the future.

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