How to Hire a Business Coach for your Estate Agency Business

17 April 2018


No matter how long you have been running an estate agency for, there are always challenges along the way. These can occur in the following areas:

  • Business structuring
  • Database building
  • Developing relationships
  • Maximising profits

If you are experiencing these issues, have you considered hiring a specialist estate agent coach? A specialist estate agency coach is likely to have experienced the same issues as you and knows how to drive your business forward. A specialist estate agent coach is ideal for a new estate agency business. Such businesses are keen to grow, open to new ideas, create and maximise leads and improve selling skills. Building an estate agency requires hard work and involves juggling a number of tasks such as branding, relationship building and the ability to draw together multiple things.

What can an estate agent coach offer your business?

An estate agency coach should have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and subsequently can advise on marketing, lead generation, relationship building and deal closing. Coaches can specialise in specific areas such as marketing, paid campaigns and social media setup. Alternatively, they can help with more general issues such as office space or saving for retirement. Particularly, some coaches actually own and run their own businesses and conduct coaching as another activity within their lives.

When I hire an estate agency coach, what skills and experience are desirable?

A proven track record of helping other agents

Before hiring an estate agency coach, look at their background to understand how experienced they are. Significantly, a number of useful questions can be asked, including:

  • Do they understand how to successfully close deals?
  • Do they have a successful sales history?
  • What estate agency related qualifications do they possess?

Markedly, some of this information can be obtained through the ‘about me’ section of their websites.

An understanding of estate agents marketing needs in the 21st century

There are a number of digital methods which are essential for estate agents in the 21st century which include:

  • Blogging
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Paid advertising campaigns

An understanding of strengths and weaknesses of clients and how weaknesses can be improved

An effective estate agent coach will be able to identify weak points of a business and create an action plan for improvement. This plan can be implemented over a specified period of time as outlined by the business owner. An effective coach will complete an audit into the operations of the estate agent in order to determine weak areas for improvement. Areas that a coach might evaluate include sales history, marketing and lead generation.

An ability to contact estate agent owners on a regular basis to sufficient detail

An effective coach can contact their clients through a range of methods, regardless of where the client is based. Regular contact from your client builds trust. And a coach that responds quickly to your enquiries helps you to solve issues in your business as they occur.

Where should I look to find an estate agent coach?

  • If you are just starting out in estate agency, a more expensive coach may be out of the question. In this case, you’d be better using a local coach with a good knowledge of the local market, along with certification and relevant experience along with willingness to help you
  • If you have a couple of years knowledge, approach a more senior agent for recommendations. You may have the opportunity to do this within your own practice
  • A range of coaches are available for estate agency which can be discovered by search engines. One such coach in the UK is Richard Rawlings


No matter how long you have been running your estate agency, hiring the services of an experienced coach can have multiple advantages on your business. Angelina Bell has worked with a number of clients in the past to deliver a ‘hands on’ approach to business coaching. Angelina Bell has experience in working with estate agents. If you are an estate agency and are looking for a business coach, contact Angelina today to find out more.

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