Why is empathy important in the workplace?

17 May 2018


Picture a situation where you have a manager that is disrespectful, uncaring and is only concerned with rules and regulations. In contrast, imagine someone that is supportive, caring and uses own judgement and intuition over procedure. The latter is displaying empathy. This is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. And also understand their needs & feelings. It goes beyond the concept of sympathy. This is being able to support others sensitively and compassionately. The field of nursing is useful to see how useful empathy can be in the workplace. Nursing is repeatedly voted as one of the most trusting professions. Consequently, this is because they use empathy to care for their patients.

What are the advantages of developing empathy in your team?

  • Why is it important to understand the needs of our employees? Proper relationships need to be developed & maintained between staff. Resultantly, trust is built up. This is when things begin to improve
  • In what way can someone be identified as empathetic? Empathetic people listen carefully. They focus their entire attention on the person in question. They also listen more than talk, to understand the difficulties of the person they’re talking to
  • Why is empathy important in the workplace? It allows managers to understand employee issues. This also includes potential poor performance. Moreover, it allows managers to develop action plans for improvements
  • Why aren’t people as empathetic as they could be in work? Developing it takes time. It is not something that is understood easily. It also means considering others before your you. This can be difficult in competitive environments. Many businesses main objectives are to meet business goals. They are less bothered about effects on employees


Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. And understand their needs and feelings.

There are a number of benefits to employees by developing empathy in the workplace. Relationships between staff become strengthened. This furthers trust. Also, managers gain a better understanding of employee issues. Finally, they are able to action plan and solve performance issues.

Are you keen to further develop empathy between staff in your business?

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