How can a business owner create an atmosphere of honesty?

10 May 2018


It is important to create an atmosphere of honesty within workplaces. This is regardless of how large the business is. Dishonest behaviour in the workplace can have severe consequences. Worst of all, relationships within the business can suffer. Customers always expect to deal with an honest company. In order to achieve this, every employee in the business must play a part. There are a number of ways in which organisations can help build a culture of honesty amongst staff. We have outlined these in this post.

How can I create a culture of honesty within my business?

  • Set a strong example. This ensures that everyone is aware of what you expect out of your employees. Furthermore, outline this in your businesses company handbook and mission statement. Outline the importance of communication both in writing and face to face. This should be exercised with both employees and customers
  • Create a culture of open communication. It is healthy to allow employees to voice their frustrations & opinions. Resultantly, this creates an atmosphere of honesty and positivity. Allow colleagues to approach management. The setting allocated slots throughout the week can help to achieve this
  • Address mistakes in a timely manner. It is inevitable that mistakes are sometimes made. Ultimately, it is important to allow employees to make mistakes. Resultantly, negative behaviour can be reduced
  • Create a system to prevent dishonest behaviour. Warn those that undermine company values and ethos by being dishonest. Enforce severe penalties for individuals that continually break these rules. E.g.: Dismissal of individuals breaking this policy
  • Provide rewards to employees that stick to company policy. This could include extra holidays, paid bonuses, trophies or plaques.

What are the key points I can take away from this post?

Are you keen to develop a culture of honesty within your business? There are five proven ways to achieve this. These include setting a strong example, creating a culture of open communication, addressing employee mistakes, preventing dishonest behaviour & rewarding employees that maintain honesty.

Can a business coach help me develop a culture of honesty in my business?

As a business coach, I have a number of key values. And always being honest is one of the most important. Do you feel that your business is experiencing problems? Could these be as a result of staff behaviour and dishonesty? Are you keen to develop a culture of honesty? Would you like to reap the rewards of having an open workforce? I have previously coached a number of business owners who are experiencing problems in their company as a result of dishonest behaviours. Why not book a 45 minute chat with me by clicking here?

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