13 November 2018

How to Save Hours of Time With Executive Coaching

There are many ways that an entrepreneur can save time while running their business. After all, ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’. By making processes within your business, you can potentially save thousands of pounds. In this post, we outline some of the ways that time and money can be saved by making...

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07 November 2018

Afraid Of Jumping into Something New? Ask Angelina Bell!

Business owners don’t always want to make changes to their business. Moreover, some are quite happy maintaining the way things are. And furthermore, may not want to disrupt the status quo they are used to each day. Subsequently, this mindset is not necessarily wrong. However, for business owners that want to experience growth, being...

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01 November 2018

How can I create an innovative culture for my business?

Innovation appears to be at the forefront of many businesses now. Thanks mainly to technological advancements. And various factors causing industry disruption. e.g., digital networks which are interlinking large organisations and people at a vast rate. However, at a time when collaboration across organisations is increasing, there is also a rise in business R&D. Large,...

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25 October 2018

What are the different sources of finance? How do they work?

Three types of business organisation mainly exist. And every type of organisation requires a source of finance at some point. Allowing them to meet their day to day needs. Small scale partnerships generally come under the umbrella of proprietorships and partnerships. This type of business generally generates its own capital. Only the company form...

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17 October 2018

How can I create a team of A-Players within my business?

It is true to say that most businesses only have one or two of what are known as ‘a-players’. The remaining people are likely to fall into the category of B- or C- players. And unfortunately, this can hold a business back in its future development. As such, it is imperative to create an...

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11 October 2018

How are your ‘c-players’ affecting your team? How do I manage this?

Having a high performing team is highly advantageous for a number of reasons. E.g. producing high level returns. However, not every employee can be an ‘a-player’. Of course, the next tier down consists of the ‘b-players’ but you shouldn’t worry too much about them. The ‘c-players’ are the ones to keep a close eye...

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02 October 2018

How can I create a culture of autonomy in my business?

Giving staff autonomy is essential for improving employee engagement. Without autonomy, your staff may end up wandering around not knowing to do next. Because they haven’t had any instruction. However, in the opposite direction, your staff are unlikely to react well to being told what to do all the time. And as such, having...

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26 September 2018

What are the different sources of finance for my business? How do these work?

What are the different sources of finance for my business? How do these work? Three main types of business finance are currently in existence. In order to meet basic needs or day to day requirements, there may be some requirement for finance. Small businesses usually use their own capital for this. However, larger businesses...

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25 September 2018

Would you benefit from creating a delegation plan for your business?

Are you currently experiencing any of these issues within your business? Lacking in time within your business to complete important tasks Being so spreadly thin that you have no real focus Not knowing how to delegate tasks Constant disturbance and inability to complete tasks as a result of phone ringing constantly All of these...

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21 September 2018

I need to hire more staff but am worried I might not find the right type of person

Is your business growing at a fast rate and as such, you are now in a position where you need to hire more staff to deal with an increasing workload? Meanwhile, are you concerned that you may not find the right type of person suited to your business? You may need to hire the...

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13 September 2018

I am constantly distracted. How can I focus?

Does running your business come with constant distraction? Resultantly, do you feel angry with yourself because you are unable to achieve your goals? What are the most common types of distractions? Emails. There are a couple of issues with dealing with emails. Firstly is the distraction of e-mail alerts constantly popping up. Throughout the...

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03 September 2018

Do I need to develop a time management plan for my business?

Are you doing the things you should be doing within your business? If not, do you feel frustrated that your business isn’t moving forward? Are you experiencing any of the following issues as a result of time management problems? Lack of focus and prioritisation Missed deadlines and appointments Poor quality of work Wasted time...

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