I need to hire more staff but am worried I might not find the right type of person

21 September 2018

Is your business growing at a fast rate and as such, you are now in a position where you need to hire more staff to deal with an increasing workload? Meanwhile, are you concerned that you may not find the right type of person suited to your business? You may need to hire the services of a professional small business coach to help you with this.

Help find the perfect candidate through the creation of an employee acquisition plan

An employee acquisition plan works out what roles are needed, what your new staff would be expected to do and how the right type of candidates can be found. Ultimately however, an employee acquisition plan ensures you find the right type of person for your business. Furthermore, if you need assistance with this, you may consider utilising the skills of a small business coach.

What things should I look out for when hiring a new employee?

Competency. Is the individual sufficiently skilled, experienced and educated to perform the tasks required from the job role well?

Capability. Aside from being able to complete the tasks required of the role, will the individual go above and beyond to perform the functions of the role in an effortful and creative way? Moreover, does the employee have potential for future growth and would they be willing to take on more responsibility?

Compatibility. Will this individual get on with your existing staff? Are they likely to get on with your clients or partners? Also, will they develop a harmonious relationship with you? Undeniably, if this isn’t the case, problems might occur.


Commitment. Is the candidate looking for something long term? Or is this simply a stop gap until the next role comes along from them? Significantly, an indication of this could be gained from looking at their employment history.

Character. Does the individual display values that are similar to your own? Moreover, do they come across as honest and truthful? Are they a true team player?

Culture. Does the individual display traits to suggest they may be a good cultural fit? Unquestionably, workers who aren’t a good fit can be difficult and disruptive.

Compensation. If you do decide to hire the individual, make sure they are happy with the salary offered. Obviously, if this is not the case, they may underperform or may even look for something else.

What key questions do I need to ask?
  • Is there an ongoing process in place to obtain good candidates?
  • What are the key reasons candidates are attracted to roles within your company?
  • How do you determine candidates which are unsuitable?
  • Do you have an incentive programme in place for current staff who bring talent into the company?
  • What are the costs and issues associated with a mis-hire?
  • Do I need to utilise the services of a small business coach to help me with this process?

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