Would you benefit from creating a delegation plan for your business?

25 September 2018
Are you currently experiencing any of these issues within your business?
  • Lacking in time within your business to complete important tasks
  • Being so spreadly thin that you have no real focus
  • Not knowing how to delegate tasks
  • Constant disturbance and inability to complete tasks as a result of phone ringing constantly
All of these things can lead to negative emotions

Lacking time for important tasks and lacking focus can lead to a range of negative emotions. Aside from feeling constantly tired you may also feel frustrated because you cannot complete important tasks. Ultimately however, you may feel like a hamster on a wheel, or a headless chicken. Sometimes, if you feel you cannot cope, it is necessary to obtain professional business advice.

The solution… a delegation plan

A delegation plan allows you to identify low value tasks that you do not enjoy doing. And pass these to team members who can do these for you. Allowing you to focus on tasks that do actually make you money.

Delegation takes away the problem of not having enough time

By passing less important tasks to other people, this affords you more time to complete more important tasks that you actually enjoy doing. It gives you more time to think, removing un-necessary distractions and ultimately means that you are less tired and feel more refreshed to deal with problems head on. You will also feel more focussed, in comparison to having to be involved with lots of areas of your business. If you need assistance with any of this, you may need to take appropriate business advice.

How do I know if I need to make changes?
  • When did you last review where your time is going on an hour by hour basis?
  • How often are you spending on tasks which produce revenue?
  • Which tasks do you enjoy doing the most which also make money for your business?
  • Do you have a process in place to develop existing team members to take over less important aspects of your job role?
  • Have you documented any aspects of your job role which could be used to train other members of your team?

Do you experience lack of time to complete important tasks? Are you so spreadly thin that you lack focus? Are you unaware of how to delegate tasks? Is your phone constantly ringing meaning you are consistently disturbed with an inability to complete tasks? These problems can cause a range of negative emotions such as feeling tired and frustrated. However ultimately you may feel like a hamster on a wheel, or even a headless chicken. One solution to feeling this way could be the creation of a delegation plan which could involve passing unimportant tasks to other members of your team. Affording you more time to focus on important, revenue generating activities. If you need help with this, you may need to consider taking appropriate business advice in your local area.

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