I am constantly distracted. How can I focus?

13 September 2018

Does running your business come with constant distraction? Resultantly, do you feel angry with yourself because you are unable to achieve your goals?

What are the most common types of distractions?

Emails. There are a couple of issues with dealing with emails. Firstly is the distraction of e-mail alerts constantly popping up. Throughout the day, you may also be tempted to scroll through your inbox continually. Feeling the need to deal with e-mails as they come in.

Telephone. Inevitably, phone calls are a daily occurrence and can disrupt you continually if you feel you have to answer calls all the time. Make sure you set aside time every day to deal with calls. Make sure that missed callers are informed of when you will be in touch via voicemail.

Paper. Piles and piles of paper on a desk is not useful organisation and makes finding information very difficult. By setting up daily action folders, paperwork becomes reduced. As a result, your desk becomes clutter free and actions are dealt with immediately.

Visitors. Without notice, people can drop by or a colleague may pop round during their break to chat. If someone comes and disrupts you, try and be succinct and explain that you are busy, in the politest way possible.

Environment. If you are too hot or too cold, you will become agitated. Additionally, if lighting is poor, issues such as eye strain and headaches can cause disruption. And there is no such thing as optimum environments, you have to tailor this to yourself.

Noise. Office environments are constant sources of noise. Whether this is the murring of annoying equipment, or a colleague talking loudly on the phone. There is no getting away from it. If you do become easily distracted, consider occupying a separate room. Or even consider using headphones.

Meetings. For businesses that have to have frequent meetings, it becomes difficult to set aside time to work on projects. Make sure you book time into the calendar to get extra work done.

How can I focus better?

Through the creation of a daily and weekly focus plan. A daily focus plan is something that you complete first thing on a morning before you attempt to tackle anything else. You should complete this even before you do things such as brush your teeth or check your phone. So that the priorities for the day are down on paper before doing anything else.

By creating an action plan for what you want to achieve first thing in the morning, a number of positive emotions can be experienced. Most of all, you are likely to feel a great sense of achievement because the most important tasks of the day are completed quicker. You also have a better plan for working towards other goals. Creating an action plan also ensures you also do not become distracted.

How can I help?

I can help you develop the worlds best one page action plan. A focused plan which outlines important daily tasks, laid out in an easy to use software package. If you would like to learn more, please contact me today.

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