Do you think you know everything about your business?

03 August 2018

You may feel that you already know everything about your company and there is nothing else to learn. Perhaps you have been running your business for a long time in the same way. And you don’t feel changes are necessary because it is operating efficiently and turning over a profit to support your lifestyle. You may feel comfortable with your current situation. And as such, you may not be open to learning new things. However, did you realise that this mindset can be dangerous. By not looking at the wider context of your business, you can be left behind. As your competitor’s race ahead and take away your potential customers.

Often, it is the most obvious things we need to change. Yet most of the time we do not realise this. And rely on others to tell us. You may be short on ideas of how to move your business forward. Or you may be experiencing problems as a result of the way you are currently operating your company.

Perhaps you are sceptical about utilising the services of a business coach? A similar situation occurred when I worked with another client. He was wary of business and personal coaching. However, when I worked with him to give an outside perspective on his company, he was able to identify things that he couldn’t see before. And as a result, the outcome was fantastic!

Admitting that you don’t know everything gives you credibility

It is impossible to know everything about your business and industry, regardless of how long you have been doing it. Dangerously, business owners thinking they know everything often act on their beliefs and resultantly, serious errors can occur. But why is the ‘know it all’ approach so risky? Well some reasons include:

  • Getting things wrong
  • Avoiding the opinions of people who may know better than you
  • Restricting your staff to learn and develop because you dismiss their ideas
  • Missing out on doing things in a better way

Reasons business owners don’t know everything is because there are so many facets of business that are developing at an unprecedented rate. Which is why it is essential to hire experienced staff and consultants who are experts in the fields.

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Key takeaways
  • Using a business coach allows you to identify things you otherwise won’t have seen before
  • Results of business coaching includes improving better profits and developing the business of your dreams

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