The Power of Uniqueness

01 May 2017

Do you find yourself competing on price?  Do you struggle to maintain customer loyalty?  Is it a battle to convince new prospects to buy?

Today, I want to share with you a foundational principle that will revolutionise your business.  It’s called a UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (USP) and if you don’t already have one, NOW is the time to change that.

You see, the lightning quick speed with which information is available now, makes almost every market a “commodity” market.  This means that people view most products and services as a price driven commodity and will scout around, searching for the best possible deal.  As a result, many business owners result to slashing their prices to compete.

But when you have a solid USP, you don’t have to fall into this trap.

That’s because, when you can clearly and effectively communicate to the market how you’re different, better, and more suited to their individual needs, you STOP being compared to every other competitor in town…and become your own category.

Your USP is that single, unique benefit, appeal, or promise that you hold out to prospects that no one else offers or articulates like you do.  It’s the reason why, all else being equal, your customers will beat a path to your door, while your competitors race to cut prices yet again.

There are two important reasons why a strong USP is crucial to your success…

1 It provides you with a clear focus and direction for your business and marketing.  Without this clear focus, how can you expect to communicate the benefits of your company to your intended audience?  On the other hand, with this focused direction, you will develop a true passion for what you’re doing.  You’ll have a deep understanding of what is special about your business.  You’ll communicate more powerfully with your prospects and customers.

2 Your USP provides your prospects with a clear, rational choice of where to spend their money.  This grows from the conviction you have about your business.  If you don’t know why your customers should choose you, can you really expect them to figure it out?  Remember: people want to be lead.  They crave a logical reason to make a buying decision.  A good deal just isn’t enough: find that extra reason to help them justify their desire to do business with you and you’ll have more customers than you know what to do with.

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