Success Comes By Doing The Right Things In Small Increments Over Time.

19 January 2017

Far too often business owners believe that they have to make massive sweeping improvements to get better results in business.

As a result, they’re practically paralysed – because they don’t know where to start (or even if they do, the process seems so daunting they can’t seem to get motivated).

Well, today I want to relieve you of that assumption by teaching you one very profound principle.  And that is…

Success comes by doing the right things in small increments over time.

After all, there are only FIVE THINGS you need to worry about as a business owner…

  1. Leads generated
  2. Conversion rate
  3. Overall revenue per customer
  4. Gross margin
  5. Fixed costs

Let’s say you make a small 10% improvement in each of the above categories.  10% might not seem like a lot – and in fact, it isn’t all that hard to achieve. However, the results can be staggering. Because you won’t reap just a 10% improvement in your business…or even double that at 20%…or even double that at 40%.

No, with just small, incremental improvements of 10% in each of the categories above, you will nearly double your entire enterprise.

Then you can double it again, and again, and again, just by making more small 10% improvements over time.

Don’t you see?  It’s not about reinventing the wheel or throwing everything away and starting from scratch.  It’s about doing what you’re already doing,  but doing it a little better…then a little better…then a little better…

Until all of a sudden you’re sitting on top of a business that is producing more money than you know what to do with.

Want PROOF?  Download a copy of the Profit Equation Worksheet and fill it out with your own figures.  See what a minor 10% improvement in each of the categories can mean for you.


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