Will I be judged based on my business acumen?

28 August 2018

It is a horrible feeling when someone judges you. However, you really shouldn’t worry about this. Because everyone has failings in some area or other. Undoubtedly, can you really afford not to utilise the services of a professional business coach if your business is not performing to the required standard? If you simply leave your situation as it is, you may potentially miss out on sales opportunities and ways to reduce costs.

Some business owners believe that they know best, adopting a blinkered approach and believing it isn’t possible for anyone to help with their business. Because they do not know it as well as they do. This is a limited way of thinking. Thoes that tend to be very successful in business tend to be individuals who commit to continual self development. With a mindset that encourages growth. Moreover, the business owner is open to change. Which can result in goals being achieved more quickly. Contrastingly, businesses that use the services of a professional business coach can make changes to the team and potentially double the turnover. I recently worked with a business and after only two meetings I helped to turn around the business. And undoubtedly, I can help you do the same.

Why is it important to overcome my fear of business coaching?

It is important to overcome your fear of business coaching because of the many advantages it can bring to your business. These include:

  • Making profit
  • Establishing better business processes
  • Offering better service to customers
  • Feeling more in control of your business
  • Developing better marketing strategies
  • Better definition of roles and responsibilities of staff
  • Better understanding of company vision and values by staff
  • Improved planning and refining of processes
Key Takeaways

Many business owners are reluctant to undertake business coaching because they fear they will be judged by their lack of business acumen. However, if your business is not performing, can you really afford to not hire the services of a professional business coach? Business coaching can help your business in a number of ways, including:

  • Further defining roles and responsibilities of staff whilst instilling company vision and values
  • Improving profits
  • Creating better processes through continual planning and refinement
  • Establishing better customer service and stronger marketing strategy
  • Feeling in better control of your business

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